Which brand vegetable seeds are the best?

I have bought a lot of Fedco seeds over the years. They have (or used to have) an option to sell seeds at school, which my homeschooled son did for a couple of years.

Which brand vegetable seeds are the best?

I have bought a lot of Fedco seeds over the years. They have (or used to have) an option to sell seeds at school, which my homeschooled son did for a couple of years. Buy in bulk, pack and sell. A lot of good learning in a project like that.

At Hudson Valley Seed Co, all seeds are open pollinated and never transgenic, with many organic and heirloom options. Here you will find a wide variety of vegetable, flower and herb seeds. In addition, their art packages, adorned with original artwork by artists from the USA. UU.

You'll definitely want to order some packages for Mother's Day, Father's Day and upcoming birthdays. For more than 45 years, Johnny's Selected Seeds has been providing seeds and gardening tools to gardeners across the country. One of the original companies to sign the Safe Seed Pledge, the company is committed to never knowingly selling genetically modified seeds. With a wide variety of vegetable seeds, the company sells everything from leeks to shallots and tomatillos.

Back from a short break to refuel and catch up on orders, Seedville USA has a huge selection of seeds, including trendy options like pink Pampas grass and edible flowers to complete your homemade cocktails. You'll find everything from vegetables to fruits, flowers and ornamental grass seeds in this one-stop shop. Looking for the perfect gift for a gardener? The terrain makes it easy. Gift-worthy themed seed packs, plantable seed sheets, and handy grow kits allow you to put together a personalized gift.

Add one of Terrain's stylish plant sprayers or watering cans to complete the gift. All included seeds, vegetables, flowers and herbs are certified organic by Plant Good Seed Company, based in Southern California. Shop for individual vegetables, such as carrots and zucchini, or buy seed collections, so you can plant several varieties of sage or fall leaves. Even though Burpee is a great brand that has existed for decades, it is truly doing its part to be more sustainable and offer green options.

With the Burpee organics line, you're likely to find all the regular strains you love as certified organic. You usually get a good amount of seeds at a great price, so split the cost with friends who are also looking for seeds, and you can make your money go even further. Uprising Seeds is a small and wonderful company to support and obtain your seeds on a regular basis. In addition, Seed Savers Exchange is an incredible resource for all gardeners.

Not only can you get amazing and unique seeds, but you can also participate in a gardener-to-gardener exchange program. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers about 800 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb, grain and cover crop seeds. Owners Curtis and Judy started Botanical Interests because they believed gardeners didn't get the information they needed on seed packs. For years, the Seed Savers Exchange has played an important role in protecting and preserving rare and traditional seeds.

For more than 150 years, American gardeners have trusted Park Seed Company to deliver the best seeds, bulbs, plants and accessories. Another good source of especially medicinal herb seeds, as well as other seeds, is Strictly Medicinal Seeds in Oregon. Often, these specialty seed companies have unique relics or rare varieties that you can't get at your local garden store. What is much more worrying than proprietary seed varieties is that the USDA and many state Departments of Agriculture are calling for regulation of public seed libraries.

Each of the following companies specializes in preserving rare seeds, or they are employee-owned or focused on seeds that adapt to a particular climate. They focus on preserving the varieties of seeds that gardeners and farmers bring to North America when their families migrate (d), and traditional varieties grown by American Indians, Mennonites, and Amish. Seed Savers, a non-profit organization, has “wonderful heirloom seeds, a beautiful catalog and a great mission,” wrote a Mid-Atlantic gardener who puts sustainability first. They have around 1900 varieties of seeds and a new website that's much easier to use than the old one, so it's easy to order seeds online if you don't live near Poteet, Texas.

Check out the following Epic Gardening video to understand the difference between traditional, hybrid, organic and transgenic seeds. From seasonal flowers to any type of pepper imaginable, this will be your new one-stop garden seed store. There are many specialty growers, farmers market vendors, and gardeners who are on Etsy and have certified organic seeds that they sell on a small scale. Their seed catalogs and website offer a full line of flowers, roses, fruits, vegetables, perennials, annuals, seed starting materials and gardening tools.

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