What is the number one seed company?

The world's largest seed company, Monsanto, accounts for nearly a quarter (23%) of the global market for proprietary seeds. Bayer Crop Science AG is a multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences company.

What is the number one seed company?

The world's largest seed company, Monsanto, accounts for nearly a quarter (23%) of the global market for proprietary seeds. Bayer Crop Science AG is a multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences company. From 1925 to 1952, the company was part of IG Farben, the world's largest chemical and pharmaceutical company. Bayer's core business areas include pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use; consumer health products; agricultural and biotechnological chemicals; and high-value polymers.

BASF SE strengthens its research and development (R%26D) activities for sustainable agricultural innovations, providing solutions for sustainable healthy eating. Under the Nunhems brand, BASF offers more than just vegetable seeds. Offers customer-facing partnerships and solutions for the entire vegetable value chain, including growers, processors, plant breeders, distributors, retailers, retailers and the food service industry, tailored to consumer needs and trends. In addition, the company's portfolio ranges from chemicals and materials to industrial solutions, surface technologies, nutrition and care, and agricultural solutions.

Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by French farmers. The company ensures the progress of farmers both in the region of origin in France and around the world. Limagrain contributed to the vitality and sustainable performance of the region's farms, which aims to turn it into an area of agricultural excellence. Focusing on its expertise in seed and plant improvement, the company faces challenges through genetic progress, while ensuring that farmers remain independent and have freedom of choice with respect to other factors of production.

KGaA is an independent, family-owned European company focusing on high-yield seeds. The company uses cutting-edge plant breeding methods to continuously improve farmers' performance and plant resistance to diseases, pests and abiotic stress. It also aims to offer all farmers specific varieties and solutions to meet their operating needs, adapted to the specific climatic and geological conditions of their respective regions. In addition, it also emphasizes high-yielding seeds for corn, sugar beet, cereals, oil, protein plants and vegetables that allow balanced crop rotation.

AgReliant Genetics builds on the tradition of its two parent seed companies, namely Groupe Limagrain from Saint-Beauzire, France, and KWS, from Einbeck, Germany. It is currently the third largest corn seed company in the United States, among the four major agricultural research programs in North America, and one of the fastest growing independent seed companies in the market. Combines research and production efforts to bring some of the most competitive corn, soy, sorghum and alfalfa products on the market to farmers in the United States and Canada. Burpee Seeds is one of the oldest and best-known seed companies in the U.S.

UU. Founded in Pennsylvania in 1876, Burpee has grown some of the most famous vegetable varieties, such as Burpee's Big Boy tomato, golden rooster corn and iceberg lettuce. Burpee Seeds is also known for introducing reliable, naturally-sourced hybrid seeds and for popularizing “Victory Gardens”. Burpee Seeds is available directly on the Burpee Seeds website, and also through their Amazon store and at Home Depot.

Botanical Interests Seeds%26 Garden Products offers all untreated and non-GMO seeds. Based in Colorado, they offer a wide variety of seeds packed with beautiful illustrations, facts and helpful tips (perfect for gifting). The company also supports school gardens, community gardens and non-profit food banks that promote gardening. Find your seeds for sale on the Botanical Interests website.

Hoss garden seeds is an American seed and garden tool company based in Georgia. They are known not only for their high-quality products, but also for their popular weekly gardening program “Row by Row” (streaming on YouTube %26 Facebook). They have reliable strains, including a large supply of All-American Selections winning seeds. The Eden brothers specialize in hard-to-find traditional flower seeds, herbs and plant seeds.

Based in Arden, North Carolina, Eden Brothers could be the perfect place to find that rare flower you remember from years ago but can't find locally. The Eden brothers have made the Safe Seed Commitment and only offer non-GMO seeds. See all Eden Brothers seeds for sale on their website. Burpee is one of the oldest suppliers of vegetable and flower seeds in the United States and is one of the best places to buy seeds online.

They have a wide selection of seeds (and live plants) available for all growing areas and for all seasons. Choose from hundreds of vegetable, herb and fruit seeds, as well as traditional varieties such as rainbow carrots and golden watermelon. Alternatively, you can buy a wide variety of flower seeds, from fast-growing zinnias to perennial tulip bulbs. In addition, all seeds are non-GMO to ensure purity and quality.

Based in Cottage Grove, Oregon, Territorial offers high-quality vegetable seeds with a variety of ripening dates so you always have something fresh to harvest from your garden. This has led to significant changes in the seed sector, with the entry of local Chinese companies into the global seed field. Another good source of especially medicinal herb seeds, as well as other seeds, is Strictly Medicinal Seeds in Oregon. Seed Savers, a non-profit organization, has “wonderful heirloom seeds, a beautiful catalog and a great mission,” wrote a Mid-Atlantic gardener who puts sustainability first.

San Diego Seed Company works with a wide range of nonprofits and community gardens to promote these sustainable practices. Originally founded in Pennsylvania in 1868, Park Seed has grown to be one of the oldest and largest mail-order gardening companies in the country. Fedco Seeds is known for its reliable, cold-resistant vegetable seeds that adapt to the northeastern climate. Its seed catalog includes more than 600 traditional, open-pollinated and hybrid varieties of vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has made the Safe Seed Commitment and has a comprehensive non-GMO policy. This has brought significant changes to the seed industry, where native Chinese companies have entered the global seed field. Located in Mansfield, MO, Baker Creek publishes a magnificent annual seed catalog that celebrates the cycle of the garden season. More than half a million customers have chosen True Leaf Market Seed Company for their seed and growth needs.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is known for its traditional seeds that adapt to the climate of the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern U.S. . .

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