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Aunt Gertie's Gold Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Aunt Gertie's Gold

Large golden beefsteak originally from Virginia. Fruits up to 30 oz. have excellent flavor. 93 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Banana Legs Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Banana Legs

A unique yellow paste tomato. Plants produce wispy leaves but bear a good quantity of mild flavored fruit Yellow  

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Bi-Colored Cherry Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Very good yield of yellow/blush fruit has mild/sweet flavor. A beautiful variety. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Bianca Tomato (20-25 seeds)

A small light yellow cherry that is packed with flavor. Plants produce a heavy load of fruit in clusters of 6-8. Yellow  

  • Price: $2.95

Big Rainbow Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Big Rainbow

High yield of large bi-color beefsteak fruit. Yellow with pink/red marbling…beautiful sliced. Mild flavor. 95 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Blondkopchen Tomato (20-25 seeds)


A large plant that bears a load of sweet dime sized yellow cherry tomatoes in clusters of 15-20. Fruit is steadfast to vine

  • Price: $2.95

Buckeye Yellow Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Buckeye Yellow

High yield of 1lb. Yellow beefsteak fruit with very mild flavor. Slight pink blush and sweet flavor. 85 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Burgess Lemon Tomato (20-25 seeds)

This yellow cherry tomato yields well. Sweet flavor. 80 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Candystripe Tomato (20-25 seeds)


1-2 lb. yellow/blush fruit. High yields with great sweet flavor. 85 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Coyote Tomato (20-25 seeds)

A tiny cherry tomato that ripens to yellow and has a wonderful flavor. Very prolific. 50 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Cream Sausage Tomato (20-25 seeds)

A very mild paste tomato with an ivory cream color, turning a straw color when fully ripe. This makes a great "white" tomato sauce. Plants have the wilting gene which makes them look half dead during hot summer afternoons but they still produce a good number of tomatoes.

  • Price: $2.95

Dicoff's Yellow Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Dicoff's Yellow

Solid bright yellow fruits have a very good, mild flavor. Very good yield. 75 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Didi's Yellow Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Good producer of 6-10 oz. golden fruit. Good flavor. 85 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Fargo Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Abundant yield of 2" yellow grape tomatoes with a tart flavor. 68 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Garden Peach Tomato (20-25 seeds) limit of 5

Garden Peach

Light yellow fruits that have a fuzz to them resembling mini peaches. Some have a light pink blush when fully ripe. Plants are loaded with fruits that withstand cracking. Yellow

  • Price: $2.95

Georgia Streak Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Georgia Streak

Large golden yellow beefsteak with red marbling inside and out. Early for a large tomato with very sweet flesh. 80-85 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Goccia di Lemoine Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Goccia di Lemoine

Abundant production of elongated yellow cherry tomatoes.  This beautiful variety from Italy will give you more fruit than you can eat. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Golden Bison Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Golden Bison

A medium sized bright yellow tomato that is flattened and slightly ribbed. Juicy with a mild flavor and low acid.

  • Price: $2.95

Golden Dwarf Champion Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Golden Dwarf Champion

Compact dwarf plant does well in pots. Good yield of 2 oz. yellow fruit with sweet taste. 75-80 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Golden Egg Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Golden Egg

Bright yellow egg shaped tomatoes with a mild flavor and full of juice.  Bigger than a cherry tomato. Many clusters of 6-10 per plant. Yellow

  • Price: $2.95

Golden Grape Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Golden Grape

Huge clusters of golden cherries with slightly pointed ends. Cherries are very sweet and juicy. Russian Origin. Yellow

  • Price: $2.95

Golden Ponderosa Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Golden Ponderosa

Very large golden-yellow fruit. Beefsteak tomatoes are sweet and mild. 85 days. YELLOW

  • Price: $2.95

Halfmoon China Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Halfmoon China

8-10 ounce cream colored tomatoes have a very mild flavor. Not quite as large as White Wonder.

  • Price: $2.95

Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry

Bright Yellow cherry tomatoes on vines that produce several hundred fruit per plant. Great flavor and excellent in salads or sliced with olive oil and mozzarella cheese. This is really super cherry tomato! Yellow

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