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Squash, Winter - Acorn, Table Queen (20 Seeds)

These acorn shaped squash grow to about 6".  Heavy yielding and keeps very well.  Delicious baked!  80 days

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Squash, Winter - Burgess Buttercup (20 Seeds)

Plants are of bush habit and produce 3-4 lb squash that are dark green and somewhat blocky in shape. Bright orange flesh is sweet and flavorful. An excellent baking squash.

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Squash, Winter - Butternut, Waltham (20 Seeds)

Butternut, Waltham (20 Seeds)

Buff colored 4-5 lb. squash that are solid with meat and a small bulbous seed cavity. Sweet orange flesh is ideal for baking and freezing

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Squash, Winter - Cushaw, Green Striped (10 Seeds)

Cushaw, Green Striped (15 Seeds)

Similar in shape to a crookneck summer squash. This green and white striped variety can grow up to 30 lbs. Flesh is a light orange color and can be used for pies.90 days

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Squash, Winter - Cushaw, Yellow Striped (10 Seeds)

This yellow and white striped variety can grow up to 30 lbs. Flesh is a light orange/yellow color and can be used for pies. Also makes an interesting fall display when mixed in with the many other interesting shaped squash.

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Squash, Winter - Delicata (20 Seeds)

1894 - Offered by Henderson Seed Company in the late 1800's - Vines produce a good number of oblong cream yellow and green striped squash. Flesh is a light yellow color and is very sweet. Slice lengthwise, scoop out seeds, and bake with butter and salt/pepper. Great size for individual servings.

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Squash, Winter - Hubbard, Blue (15 Seeds)

1800's - Light grayish Blue squash are long and tapered at both ends and can weigh up to 25-30 lbs! Dry orange flesh has a great flavor and is one of our favorites for freezing. Squash need to be sliced or broken into chunks for baking.

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Squash, Winter - Hubbard, Large Green (15 Seeds)

14 - 18" long classic green hubbard squash.  Bright orange-yellow flesh is sweet and delicious when baked.  110-120 days.

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Squash, Winter - Hubbard, Orange (15 Seeds)

105 days.  Delicious, just like blue hubbard, but this one has an orange/red color on the shell.  Great for cooking and freezing.

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Squash, Winter - Jumbo Pink Banana (10 Seeds)

105 days. (C. maxima) Large, pink banana-shaped fruit, can weigh 10-40 lbs. This variety is about 100 years old. We have grown this squash for many years, fine flavored, dry, sweet orange flesh, popular on the west coast, large yields.

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Squash, Winter - Long Neck (10 Seeds)

A relative of the butternut squash, these are delicious to eat and very easy to peel.  Keep well.

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Squash, Winter - Spaghetti Squash (20 Seeds)

Spaghetti Squash (20 Seeds)

1934 - Japanese origin. These oval yellow colored squash have a very stringy flesh that can be scooped out and used in spaghetti dishes. Mild flavor

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